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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An Assessment to Dish Network VS DIRECT TV

By Vincent Saulsbery

The two satellite dish service company are both nationwide based satellite television companies that have been honored by the JD Power and Associates award for good customer service and high satisfaction rate. Both of their satellite services are known for their low prices, large amounts of programming, and advanced technology. Although every single company includes a various collection of programming packages and specialized programming; both use the newest satellite and television technology to deliver customers with good television amusement.

Based upon your needs, you will probably look for a satellite television corporations that works better for you than the other.

For instance, if you really want to watch sports programming, the other one has a few more choices than Dish Network. Dish Network, however, has more high definition (HD) television and more foreign language programming. If any of these types of programming matter a lot to you, your decision will probably be made by which company offers the most of your preferred programming. However, if you are looking for only basic entertainment and high quality equipment, you'll probably do best comparing the specials that each company runs on its programming and equipment. Dish Network has lower prices. You can find the latest technologies like DVRs and high definition receivers through either company or you can also access over 250 channels through either company. Prices on the programming packages differ, however, and depending on which equipment and the number of channels you want to receive, one company might seem a better choice than the other. Dish Network tends to offer slightly better deals.

The two programs plans are quite same in the quantity of programming they provide, though Direct TV's simplest deals is greater than the Dish Network. For instance, the smallest package of Dish Network is the America's Top 100. Direct TV's smallest package is Total Choice, which has 140 channels. The roles reverse at the next level with Dish Network offering America's Top 200 and Direct TV offering the 185 channel Total Choice Xtra. The two companies have particular plans at this middle level that also include DVR service. Direct TV also has a package at this level that includes HDTV.

When you get to the largest packages, both companies' packages contain 250 channels. Direct TV's Total Choice Premier package has the premium movie channels of Starz, Showtime, HBO, and Cinemax. It also includes a Sports Pak with programming like Comcast SportsNet, ESPNU, Fox Sports Network, and Sun Sports. Dish Network's America's Top 250 contains 250 channels but you cannot get the premium movie channels unless you subscribe to even larger package, the America's Everything Pak. It also does not include a sports package in with its programming. You can, however, subscribe to the MultiSport package, which contains much of the same programming as the Sports Pak, with any of the larger packages.

Each company has similar quality services, with the ability to access features like electronic program guides, parental controls, interactive television, and high definition television. Corollary services differ between the two companies with satellite dish service offering choices for your mobile, a satellite television packages that can be accessed from any road in America, and Dish Network offering the PocketDish, a small and portable entertainment device meant to allow users to download programming from any Dish Network receiver. Dish Network also offers Dish on Demand, an interactive Pay Per view service that makes it possible to watch movies at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Customer Satisfaction

Dish Network Satellite TV is ranked at the top in customer satisfaction among all the cable television & satellite TV providers.

Direct TV is ranked second in customer satisfaction among all the cable television & satellite providers.

Direct TV vs Dish network --- The Bottom Line

The consumer service and level of technology is similar with both satellite companies so it's unattainable to make a weak choice when selecting between them. Just look for the programming package and price that most appeals to you and you will get high quality satellite entertainment with great values. Both companies are currently offering special HDTV and DVR deals. Tired of hassles with Cable TV? Switch your home entertainment to satellite TV or for better alternatives, you can examine direct tv vs dish network reviews article to learn more about their products and services.

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