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Sunday, April 8, 2012

DIRECTTV HD can Benefit Students

By Maria Boyes

I can't believe that on this very day 15 years ago my daddy bought me my first TV. Too bad it could not have been DIRECT TV HD channels that we watched everyday! I had wanted to put it in my room but he said that I would never get my chores or homework done because I would always try to sneak around and watch it. So, he put it in the living room where it is still at today. Yep, we still watch that out dated black and white TV. I used to think that it was fun until I got older and started going to sleepovers at my friends houses. It was then that I was introduced to satellite.

To get out of my own house and go to one of my friend's house, I had tried to find any excuses ever since I had watched my first real movie on HD. I begged my family several times to subscribe to a satellite company or even have cable installed but my parents always said no. What a bummer that was. It had got to the point to where my friends no longer wanted to come over as much because there wasn't much to do. It was winter time so going outside was not much of an option.

Before Christmas break, my teacher wanted the whole class to do two different reports. These reports consisted of our personal opinion about some television shows that are now being offered on satellite. She also wanted us to write about our favorite shows and why we liked to watch them. How could I do these reports when I did not have a satellite? I think that my family was the only one on the block without satellite. I didn't know how I was going to write my reports. When I got home from school I explained to my mom what was going on and what I had to write my report on.

She told me to go back and talk to my teacher because it wasn't fair that I had to write on those topics. I really didn't want to do that. I didn't want to be the only kid in my class with a different topic to read about. I asked my mom why we couldn't get DIRECT TV HD channels at home and she said that it was too expensive. I didn't believe that because I knew several families who had satellite services and didn't make as much money as my family. I had to come up with a solution and fast. I knew that I couldn't just stay over at my friend's house and watch TV all the time. Even though that's really all I wanted to do. I went to the library and researched the satellite companies. I was really interested in satellite companies that offered HD (high definition). The movies I had watched in the past at my friends where HD and I absolutely loved them. I came across several different satellite companies but only one stood out to me. DIRECTV had the most amazing offers.

For as little as $29.99 per month, my family could purchase a Choice package plan from DIRECTV, if what I was reading correctly. We would get over 200 channels and many of them would be in HD. Several different offers and promotions are available but I liked the ones that offered the HD FREE for life! I continued to research DIRECTV and found that they offer free installation in up to three rooms and that your monthly bill will not change for the first year.That was great! I didn't hesitate to bring the information home to my parents. Once going over everything with them they decided that it might not be a bad idea.It could be very beneficial to me because there are so many learning channels, I also explained to them. My mom called DIRECTV and subscribed to their services. The next day, technicians came out and installed our service. My dad even went out and bought all new TV's that were HD compatible. He even bought one for my room! Now, most all of my friends come to my house because we could watch DIRECT TV HD channels on my new HD TV in my room! Try also to visit DIRECT TV reviews and gather a lot more information that could help a lot.

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